Welcome to Lin Peng’s E-Portofilo

Lin Peng
University of Central Florida
Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Minor in Writing & Rhetoric
Graduate of 2014

What I have learn from writing is that writing is more than just writing. As we engage and understand more about the ideas of writing, we are able to fully identify and separate the relevance from the irrelevance; As in, what are the information that is necessary: what are the information that is related to the topic or purpose of our goal. This information may include the target of our audience, the publication, credentials of both the writers and the readers, and the arrangement and delivery of the writing itself.

The purpose of this blog is to showcase my writing and research skills to potential employers in the field of Psychology, Cognitive Sciences, Neuroscience, and other related fields.

Each course, from English Composition II to Augmentative Writing explains and shows how I have progress from one course to the next.

The setup of my blog is arranged from the classes which have influenced me as a writer and as a researcher in ascending order of the year that it was taken.

In addition, my main set of skills include research and writing. During my free time, I enjoy the practice of yoga and meditation. For further information of my identity as a writer and my resume, please refer below.

Identity as a Writer