Augmentative Writing

Augmentative Writing is another powerful course that has helped me further improve and sharpen my research and writing skills.

Below is one of the first writing and research assignments I had to do:

This particular assignment was written as a further research assignment for the Hypnosis paper that I have done for English Composition II. However, this assignment was done from an unbiased stand. In which, the purpose of the assignment was to argue if Dr. Ryder’s perspective on hypnosis is either effective or ineffective from an unbiased point of view through the support of different resources.

Another interesting research assignment I had to do was the Counterargument writing assignment as shown below:

The research aspects included finding out information and sources of the UCF Dining Services, conventional food, organic food, and the UCF Arboretum.

In addition, I also had to write a mock letter to the UCF Dining Services in hope of persuading them why the food services needed to change from conventional to organic.

Conclusively, the course taught me how to argue using different resources and sources from producers, writers, and researchers in forming the final product from an unbiased view point.
The importance of writing form an unbiased view point serves a powerful argument because it allows the audience to see and seek the truth for themselves.