Writing for Publication

The course Writing for Publication (ENC 3351) taught by Debbie Weaver helped me see digital publication in a different manner and from a different perspective. The purpose of the course was to prepare students with writing for publication along with a strong emphasis on digital publication.

I didn’t see the importance of digital publication until I took this course. One of the very first assignments we did was select and dissect a digital publication. The publication I have selected was National Geographic. Below is a discussion of what the publication addresses including some of its factors and aims.

One of the stepping-stones that has led me to a greater avenue in writing was the comparative analysis in which I had to do.

This comparative analysis taught me how to strategically compare and contrast rhetorical situations with three different publications. The assignment itself introduced the most basic rhetorical concepts including the subject matter or targeted audience and the discourse community.

One of the most interesting publications I have ever read was Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek by John Branch. For this particular assignment, I had to dissect the publication in terms of a structural analysis; Explore and Examine what makes Snow Fall a newsworthy and recognizable story to its readers and viewers. The aim of this assignment showed me the importance of what makes a publication or an article sufficient and interesting enough to be published in the first place.

After several practice on producing assignments including the comparative analysis and the structural analysis, I finally had the chance to produce and publish my very first publication. The subject I wrote about was on genetically modified organisms or GMOs.

This publication was a turning point in my writing career because I utilized many different resources and researched several sources in producing such publication. It is certainly a showcase of the final product of all the combined skills I have learned from this course Writing for Publication.




From this course, I’ve learned the importance of using digital publication as a faster, easier, and cleaner avenue to present my writing. In the future, I can use the skills I’ve obtained form this course to direct my further research as a researcher and a scientist.